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Military Parachute Ripcord Release

The FXC Model 12000-25 Automatic Parachute Ripcord Release is a precision device, designed for parachutists making premeditated parachute jumps.

The Release is adjustable "above sea level" to 25,000 feet completely mechanical in action not relying on batteries, squibs or pyrotechnic devices.

The Release can be used on both the main, and/or reserve of a tandem system, as well as a chest mounted reserve.

The Release function is to automatically withdraw the parachute ripcord pin in the event the parachutist reaches the point of the unit's preset altitude, and for whatever reason, his rate of descent is exceeding 100 feet per second. Under normal conditions the Model 12000-25 would not operate, due to the parachutist having deployed his main chute, thus slowing his rate-of-fall below 70 feet per second.


Type                                                Mechanical

Control                                            Barometric Pressure

Actuating Altitude                          2000 to 25000 feet above SEA LEVEL

Power Cable Retraction                  2.00 inches

Retraction Force                              80 pounds + 10% at release point

                                                         30 pounds + 10% at 2.00 inch of stroke

Size                                                  6.00 Lg x 3.18 W x 1.36 H

Weight                                             32 ounces

Ordering Information

FXC Part No.                A.C. Hose Length                Power Housing Length                                                    Installation

811-00042-25                19.00 Inch                            11.00 Inch                                 MACH III ALPHA, MT1XX, MC4, MC5 RESERVE CHUTE

811-00042-26                9.00 Inch                              13.50 Inch                                                        MACH III ALPHA MAIN CHUTE