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Universal Acquisition Thermal Clip-on Sight

The UTAC-32 from UDME and his associates Industries represents the latest advancement in our series of compact thermal imagers. The sight is weapon mounted forward of the day sight without any requirement to rebore-sight.  The UTAC-32 provides the operator enhanced surveillance and targeting capability during night and adverse weather conditions. The UTAC-32 was also designed as a handheld device with a low profile to accommodate single hand operation. 

The UTAC-32 is compatible with ACOG/RCO and reflex day optical sights.  The superior optical design contributes to excellent image quality and the ability to maintain point of aim/point of impact at ranges in excess of 500 meters. 

A hot shoe is incorporated for the use of various accessories such as a wired remote, remote viewing devices and external battery packs.

The UTAC-32 is currently designed to integrate a 640 x 480 detector with minimal system modification.