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Thermal Binocular

The Phoenix-7 is a high performance thermal binocular designed to increase combat effectiveness of forward observers by enhancing the ability to detect, recognize, and identify hostile threats. The Phoenix-7 is a reliable, intuitive hand held thermal binocular imager that incorporates the latest technology with such features as a 320 X 240 VOx detector, built in reticule, image capture, optional dual power IR laser and magnetic compass.

The unit utilizes a 1X objective for hands free use for navigating and Close Quarter Battle (CQB) operations, while having the ability to add a 3X Afocal lens extender for significantly improved down range performance for reconnaissance and to direct fire. The Phoenix-7 was designed using currently fielded U.S. Military night vision components for improved reliability and ease of integrated logistic support.

PHX-7 Basic Kit
• PHX-7 Assembly
• Soft Carry Case
• Batteries, CR123 (3)
• Shoulder Strap
• Demist Shield (2)
• Lens Tissue
• Lens Cap Assembly
• Quick Reference Guide
• Eyecup Assembly (2)
• Lanyard
• Operator Manual
• Quick Reference Guide
• Headmount Assembly with Brow Pads


  1. Multi-role Technology

  2. MIL-STD 810 Compliant

  3. Digital Zoom

  4. Dual Power IR Laser

  5. Magnetic Compass

  6. CR-123 batteries

  7. Auxiliary Side Rail

  8. Image Capture and Download

  9. Proven AN/PVS-7 Design

  10. 3X Magnification• Afocal Lens

  11. Direct Functions (Laser Fire, Image Capture, Magnification (1x, 2x, 4x),

         Polarity Display Brightness)

  1. Menu Functions (Reticule Select, Azimuth Adjust, Elevation Adjust,

         Image Management)



320 x 240

VOx Microbolometer


Uncooled 30 hz

Thermal Sensitivity:


Spectral Response:



19mm or 13mm or 9mm


Field of View:

24° or 34° or 48°


white hot / black hot

Battery Life:

Over 5 hours continuous

Battery Type:

CR123 3V Lithium, 3 each

Image Storage:

Up to 200 images


765 grams


23.4cm x 8.9cm x 15.2cm


OLED - 640 x 480 format

Diopter Range:

+2 to -6

Eye Relief:

15 mm

Interpupillary Adjustment:

51-72 mm

Video Output:

NTSC Composite Video with image capture