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Thermal Acquisition Monocular

UDME and his associates currently features the TAM-14 Thermal Acquisition Monocular system designed to meet the needs of the individual user for ground based night operations. The system has set the pace for future hand held thermal devices that are head or helmet mountable as well as weapon mountable while using standard 3 volt Lithium batteries. Controls are conveniently located for right or left handed operation.

The TAM-14 is a multi-purpose system using the latest in miniature thermal sensor technology combined with the new organic light emitting diode (OLED) display to provide a superior stable image in the smallest package available.

The system was designed to maximize versatility by quickly adapting to weapons, head gear, helmets, video output and more. Incorporating in-service head and helmet mounts designed for the AN/PVS-7 and AN/PVS-14, the TAM-14 is compact, lightweight and intuitive to operate.


  1. Light Weight

  2. Rugged Design

  3. Extended Battery Life

  4. High MTBF

  5. Quick-Rail Design

  6. Head, Helmet or Weapon Mounting Options

  7. One Year Warranty

  8. Intuitive Operation

  9. Video Out

  10. Battery "Hot Swap"

  11. Selection of 5 Reticules

  12. Direct Functions
    2x Zoom
    Display Brightness

  13. Menu Functions Reticule Select
    Azimuth Adjust
    Elevation Adjust



    160 x 120 Amorphous Silicon

    Microbolometer 2D Interpolated to 320 x 240


    Uncooled 30 hz

Thermal Sensitivity:


Spectral Response:

    7-14 μm


    25mm or 10mm Germanium


    White Hot / Black Hot

Field of View:

    11 x 8.5 degrees or

    17 x 12.75 degrees

Battery Type / Life:

    2 each DL123A 3v Lithium

    Over 4 hours continuous


    460 grams


    14.5cm x 7.9cm x 5.3cm


    OLED - 640x480 format

Diopter Range:

    +2 to -6

Eye Relief:


Video Output:

    NTSC Composite Video