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Thermal Acquisition Goggle

The TAG-7(320) is a high performance thermal binocular designed to increase combat effectiveness of forward observers by enhancing the ability to detect, recognize, and identify hostile threats.

The TAG-7(320) is a reliable, intuitive handheld thermal binocular imager that incorporates the latest technology with such features as a 320 x 240 VOx detector and built-in reticle (upgradable to 640x480).

The unit utilizes a 1X objective for hands free use for navigating and Close Quarter Battle (CQB) operations, while having the ability to add a 2X or 3X Afocal lens extender for significantly improved down range performance for reconnaissance and to direct fire. The TAG-7(320) was designed using currently fielded U.S. Military night vision components for improved reliability and ease of integrated logistic support.

An optional AN/PVS-7 bayonet style helmet mount is available.  The unit can also be tripod mounted.