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Surveillance Monocular System

UDME and his associates developed the SMS-14 Surveillance Monocular System in response to very specialized requirements for covert surveillance and human intelligence gathering applications under the cover of darkness. The SMS-14 is a variant of the MUM-14 family of products that incorporates an integral C-mount objective lens interface. This allows the operator to select from a wide variety of specialized wide angle, zoom, telephoto lenses, best suited for the mission objectives. In addition, the SMS-14 includes a unique adapter assembly that locks onto the monocular and provides a generic interface for the camera system of choice. There is also an integrated V4-20 tripod mount attachment for stabilized photography. The SMS-14 can be mated to an extensive range of reflex, CMOS, CCD, and video cameras, by selecting the appropriate commercially available adapter rings. This provides the operator with the best configuration to meet his covert photographic needs.

Complete Package - The SMS-14 includes a modified MUM-14 Mini-Monocular that can use the tactical objective lens or a C-mount interface. An advanced camera mounting system is included for camera or camcorder attachment.

Photo Adaptable - The camera adapter has been designed for easy attachment to almost any type of 35mm, digital camera or video camcorder by using step-up or step-down rings. The adapter also incorporates a tripod 114-20 attachment on the bottom for mounting .

C-Mount Optics - The system comes complete with a C-Mount interface that allows the user to attach any 1” format C-Mount lens to the unit. Lenses are found in size from 25mm (1X) up to 300mm for long range surveillance.


  1. 35mm Adaptable

  2. Camcorder Adaptable

  3. Rugged Design

  4. Tri-Pod Mount

  5. C-mount Lenses

  6. Tactical Monocular

  7. Standard Batteries

  8. Light Weight

  9. One Year Warranty

  10. Smallest Available

  11. More Options

  12. Head/Helmet Mountable

  13. Standardized design

  14. Low Cost

  15. High reliability

  16. Weapon Mountable

  17. Surveillance Package