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Dual Tube Binocular System

The NVBS-15 is a lightweight, ruggedized dual-tube night vision goggle system and designed for submersion to a depth of 20 meters. It features self-contained single battery power and can be hand held, head mounted or helmet mounted for hands-free tactical operations.

The NVBS-15 takes advantage of the dual-tube design to provide increased depth perception to the user for land, sea, or airborne operations. Battery usage is one AA 1.5 volt battery or one CR123 3 volt Lithium battery. The system projects IR illumination that can be collimated to a spot or a flood through the use of the IR Spot/Flood lens adjuster. Two micro LED indicator lights in the eyepieces give the user low battery and IR on indications for increased system awareness.

Extended Operation - The NVBS-15 has an optional external battery pack that allows for extended missions. Add to that the capability of a 3X magnifier press-on lens (2), and now you have a 3X Binocular system with enhanced capability and performance.

Rugged Design - The system has been designed to be submersible to 20m, withstand salt fog, high humidity, high altitude, cold weather, shock, and high temperatures. The unit also uses a shoe style head/helmet mount interface design that makes for a more “stable” mount platform.

High Performance - Using High quality optics that are coated to enhance night time operations the NVBS-15 can out perform all other systems on the market. Add UDME and his associates high performance Gen II1 tubes and you have the ultimate in night vision.


  1. Currently Fielded with USMC

  2. 2nd/3rd Generation

  3. High Res: 64 lp/mm

  4. External Power Option


  6. MCN: 5855-01-C08-0938

  7. Stereoscopic View

  8. Hands-free Use

  9. Integrated IR Illuminator

  10. Submersible to 20m

  11. Stable Mounting

  12. Single Battery Use

  13. Head or Helmet Mountable

  14. Increased Depth Perception

  15. Enhanced Detection Range (man size target)

  16. Accepts In-Service Afocal Magnifiers


Image Intensifier Tube:

18mm 2nd/3rd Gen


1.3 cm/MR (typical Gen III)

Spectral Response:


Objective Lens:

27mm, f/l 1.2


1x (unity)

Field of View:

40° standard

13.3° with 3x Afocal

10° with 4x Afocal

Battery Type:

CR123 lithium or AA

Dimensions (L x W x H):

10.75 x10.25 x 7.30 cm

Diopter Range:

+4 to -6


400 grams

Eye Relief:



15cm to Infinity

Interpupillary Adjustment:

52mm to 80mm


Low battery (yellow)

IR illuminator (red)


-51C to +45C (operating)

-51C to +85C (storage)

20m (submersible)