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Diver Night Vision System

UDME and his associates has developed the DVS-100 Diver Night Vision System as a platform for underwater applications using the submersible MUM-14 Multi-Use Monocular System. The DVS-100 capability can be increased underwater with a variety of optional illuminators such as the M3X high intensity illuminator or other unique devices providing the user extended viewing range and clarity.

The UDME and his associates DVS-100 facemask interfaces with the MUM-14 Multi-Use Monocular to make the perfect solution for underwater operations that require enhanced and unique vision capability. Submersion to 66 feet underwater is not only possible, but expected


  1. 40 Degree Field of View

  2. Submersible to 66 feet

  3. Dual Mission - Sea & Land

  4. Adjustable Eyepiece

  5. Standard Rail Interface

  6. AA or 3 Volt Battery

  7. Weapon Mount Included

  8. Head Mount Included