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Crew Served Weapon Sight

The TVS-5 Crew-served Weapon Sight is available directly from Nivisys Industries, LLC. It is standard in Generation II image tube configuration. The TVS-5 is also available in the crew-served weapon sight configuration which incorporates high -power lasers and a biocular eyepiece.

The U.S. Army bought the TVS-5 sight by the thousands for use on the M2 machine gun, M40A1 recoilless rifle, M139 20mm cannon and for tripod-mounted surveillance. The Army specification for the TVS-5 required vehicle acquisition ranges of 1000 meters in starlight and 1200 meters in moonlight. Reticule adjustments include brightness, elevation and azimuth in 0.25 MIL increments. The kit is supplied with everything needed to operate the unit. Weapon mounts are not included.


  1. NSN: 5855-00-629-5327

  2. Combat Tested

  3. DoD Stock Listed

  4. One Year Warranty

  5. AA Battery Operation

  6. MIL-SPEC Compliant

  7. Bright Source Protection

  8. Auto-Brightness Control