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Parachutes and Releases

Universal Defense is the leader of parachute assemblies, automatic sensing devices, barometric gas initiators, Halo/Halo systems, supplying in excess of 100,000 units to armed forces all over the world.


With over 50 years of experience in overhaul and repair, Universal Defense's capabilities have expanded to include commercial and military manufacturing. Today, the company specializes in the overhaul and repair of a wide spectrum of avionic equipment (communication, navigation, and radar), ground-based electronic systems, and the design and manufacture of electronic assemblies. Universal Defense is committed to providing a world class military and commercial repair depot with excellence in quality control, engineering, manufacturing, testing and product enhancement.

Universal Defense engineers and technicians have extensive experience in the overhaul and repair, test and production of military and commercial electronic/avionic systems and sub-systems applicable to the C130, F5, F15, F16 and various Boeing, Douglas and Lockheed aircraft. The Engineering Staff includes degreed engineers with background in Radar Warning Receives, Microwave, Airborne Power Supplies and Radio Communication. The support technician staffs are experienced as repair technicians to perform diagnostics to the component level. Our Repair Support Staff handles all component replacement and board repair.

Universal Defense currently possesses the special tools and test equipment necessary for the repair of RF, Communications and various airborne power supplies. In addition to specific tools and test equipment. Universal Defense has a complete inventory of electronic test and repair equipment appropriate for the repair of SRUs and LRUs. Universal Defense maintains production related items including oscilloscopes, variacs, micro-optics, multi-meters, load banks, frequency counters, network analyzers, bonders, and soldering stations.

Spare Parts

With over 37 years of experience, Universal Defense continues as a leader in Supply Chain Management solutions to our military aircraft customers throughout the world.   Universal Defense provides value-added spare parts solutions to its global customer base.   To ensure complete customer satisfaction, we incorporate the most current quality systems including ISO 9001:2000, and the United States Military's MIL-I-45208A.

Universal Defense's comprehensive technical library consists of hundreds of thousands of engineering drawings, Technical Orders (T.O.s), Illustrated Parts Catalogs (IPCs) and related data.  Our experienced staff of senior aerospace engineers enables us to provide our customers with the quality spare parts they need to keep their aircraft flying.  Our inventory consists of over one million spare parts for immediate delivery.  In addition, Universal Defense has over 36,000 Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) tools for manufacturing spare parts.  Incorporating the latest in manufacturing technology, Universal Defense can rapidly develop additional tooling or repair solutions to meet our customers' requirements.

Safety Equipment

At the end of the nineties growth gained momentum to more than 20% per annum, reflecting explosive growth in optical fiber cables (internet, mobile phones, video systems), a greater demand for asbestos replacement in brakes and gaskets, new braking systems for trucks, more cars with automatic trans mission, reinforcement of specialty tires, and a very strong demand for ballistic protection of police and army.

Universal Defense is one of the most versatile products available today. The high-tech fiber based on para-aramid polymer is applied in highly diverse products such as protective clothing, cut-resistant gloves, ballistic vests and helmets, tarpaulins, sailcloth, vessels, airplanes, buildings, composites, conveyor belts, tires, hoses, V-belts, transmission belts, gaskets, brake linings, clutch facings, optical cables, thermoplastic pipes, cables for the (off-shore) industry.

Arms and Ammunition

With global terrorist activity reaching almost epidemic proportions in recent years Universal Defense has received and processed a number of enquiries from governments, law enforcement and security organizations.

We can supply a full range of small and medium and large caliber weapons and mortars. Universal Defense also supplies the ammunition for the above from 0.22 LR up to 155 mm HEI and including APFSDS-T to NATO, Russian or US military and civil specifications. We can also supply grenades (Smoke, sharpnel and Chemical), rocket launchers, bayonets and survival knives to the customerís requirements plus uniforms, webbing, footwear and body armor.

Universal Defense also has an inventory of used and reconditioned tanks, self propelled guns and Armored Personnel Carriers (APCís) as well as a comprehensive catalogue of spare parts for the above vehicles.

Armored Cars

Universal Defense and our partners in the Vehicle Armoring business have supplied armored vehicles to clients world wide. Our position as one of the market leaders is due to our specialist solutions that provide the highest possible protection to the client, an exceptional two year warranty and more than 100 years in the car manufacturing business. We have arrangements with various service centers throughout the world, that work to our rigid quality requirements, ensuring our clients of the best possible service.

Universal Defenses quality standards satisfy the requirements of the US Navy, US Army, US Air Force, US Secret Service, FBI, DOD, German Special Police, The Swiss National Bank,and more recently the Iraqi Government, and western embassies in the Middle East and Central and South America.

All our manufacturers and suppliers are ISO ZERT certified companies.

In addition we have the ability (and the facility) to up-armor standard civilian SUV's and Pick-ups in Iraq for the civilian and military forces.

Bulk Fuels shipping and transportation

Recently universal defense has entered into a partnership with Jordan Trade Development and Agencies LLC Transportation Coordinator.

With this partnership we have gained access to a fleet of more than 1,000 specialist Transport Vehicles. Primarily The Partnership is involved in the transportation of refined petroleum Products as well as Bulk Powders and General Haulage.

The Partnership is involved in the procurement and transportation of fuel and supplies to Military Forces through out the Middle East.

Universal Defense President

Mr. Al Sayegh, chairman of Universal Defense for Military Equipment has achieved several award winnings throughout his history as an economy and military consultant. During his career, he, Mr. Al Sayegh, became well known to many country-leaders and companies giving him the opportunity to go with UDME one level higher in military consultancy.

A message from the chief executive officer

The keystone of Universal Defenses philosophy is a commitment to exceed the clients  expectations.

This assurance means that every Universal Defense employee and supplier is focused on this one consistent goal. Regardless of order size, value or delivery location we will ensure those all-available resources are utilized to achieve this core value.

Universal Defense considers detailed planning, hands-on experience and the ability to mobilize promptly and effectively to be significant components in successful projects. The active participation of our staff in all aspects of the organizations daily operations assures total adherence to our comprehensive plans. In addition we recruit, hire and retain professional staff whose been there, done that knowledge and experience contributes to our efficiency in all phases of the supply chain.

Clients engaging Universal Defense to act as their military equipment supplier benefit from our diverse international experience in the more remote and politically unstable regions of the world. We have established an enviable reputation worldwide due to our understanding of the clients requirements. Universal Defense has formed professional relationships that allow us to react quickly and process effectively in some of the more challenging regions of the world. This has enabled us to continually compete successfully and deliver on time and within budget.

At Universal Defense we continually strive to improve our reputation to make us the best-value selection as your military equipment supplier.

H. A. Al Sayegh,

Chief Executive Officer,

Universal Defense.